Ecommerce Basics

I bet the photo got your attention although we are talking about eCommerce. You also need to attempt to assess your website if it is user-friendly. Your site ought to have the typical architecture with easy navigational keys. Utilizing natural measures you can also make quite a simple website. An excellent site and fantastic advertising technique will do it. learn more about creating stunning websites at

Here is an amazing beginners checklist resource to serve as an anchor for your efforts.

Ecommerce website design has gotten very common today. As a way to do this, you might likely have to learn a little bit more about e-commerce website design. Your e-commerce website design is valuable to your overall success. For that reason, it is crucial to opt for an e-commerce website design that can satisfy your objective.

You can readily build the traditional e-commerce site with this CMS. Any e-commerce website serves as the online storefront for those services and products you want to sell online. If you’re thinking of an e-commerce website, ensuring you have the most suitable tools, features, and design is indispensable.

For those who have a Marketing Agency, then you are aware that the value of having a professional-looking website. Thus, if you would like your business to be an actual success, you ought not to be taking any risk when getting a site to speak for your company online. Before you can produce your eCommerce business enterprise click, you must take the time to dwell on several different elements of your company and find ways of improving each.

In regards to website designing, lots of people attempt to make something that might be different than the rest. E-commerce websites have solved this issue with a whole lot of convenience. They play a significant role in managing an online business, which is growing days by day in today’s pandemic days, if you have a business that is selling tiles, you can make website on tiles and baths and can run your business very smoothly, a well-made website can provide you with the key to success in the virtual world. When it is an old website, then new programs ought to be designed by the internet programmers in a manner that they’re seamlessly integrated with the current programs.

As the businesses grow they need a more managed approach towards every department they maintain, Ecommerece is a gateway to company products, but there are many other departments that a company is maintaining to run the front end i.e. Ecommerece store.

The other department of the store is maintained by another high accuracy ERP Project Management softwares, there are many companies out there that claims that they can implement this ERP software very well, but this is very sensitive as one thing gone wrong can impact your all business, it is always advisable to go for the companies like Connected IT Consultants, who have many years of experience in Implementing ERP software with cent percent results.

Ecommerce Basics

Developing a website is simply the very first step to building a thriving internet business. To acquire superior traffic at the site, it is necessary to create the site attractive. To begin with, it’s necessary for you to acquire reliable hosting to have the ability to upload the site too. It helps to think about the websites you enjoy the best in regards to shopping online. E-commerce websites are designed to be able to accomplish business needs. So should you have opted to begin your eCommerce site, then this article needs to be helpful for you?

If your site fails to strike a standard; proper first impression, the other things won’t even matter. Thus should make your site open with all common web browsers. Before you begin putting up your Ecommerce website, you first must figure out the sort of website which you want. A decent e-commerce website will have these essential things alongside other capabilities high security, convenient methods of online payment and delivery, easy navigation, and accessibility. click here to learn more about website security.

Yeah, it’s true, your website is online but still, you must deliver excellent customer service online. When you design your site following these guidelines, you’re assured of a good website. E-commerce websites are gaining popularity today. Developing an excellent Ecommerce website is important if you choose to do your enterprise online.…

Stunning Website Ideas That Improves user experience

The world is transformed into a Social Media Marketing, this has made the customer access anything they want online. The website design is the first impression of your business to the audience and should be attractive. Below are some of the tips you can add to your website to improve the user experience.

Have all necessary Elements of Value to Your Website

Many people will want to add many elements to their website to make them visually appealing. By doing so they end up having their website cluttered and overwhelming. Some elements may leave your audience confused, this means that every element on your site should be oriented and have a meaningful purpose. Always create functional elements this will in turn enhance user experience on your site. learn more about web user experience at

Design for the Audience

One of the things you can focus on while designing your website is the user. Design a site that will give your audience a great experience. This can be achieved by focusing on elements like design format, navigation and visual elements, by doing this you will have created a good user experience and making them engaged on your site longer.

Align colours That Match Your Brand

Stunning websites have colours that match the nature of business and it’s brand. Colours will always have a great effect on your brand and should also do the same to your audience. These colours have different meanings. Work with colours that will impact your business and use them in all your here to learn more about web designing tricks by clicking here

You can decide to use two or three colours for your beautiful website. Incorporate them, you can have the main colour, accent colours can be two then a final colour to be used for the font.

Stunning Website Ideas That Improves user experience

Have Visual Elements for your Website

A website that catches the attention of its audience must have beautiful visual elements that add balance and break up the text. Visual integration should always add meaning to your business, use photos, videos and also infographic. Make sure you don’t place photos for the sake of just adding photos, they should incorporate your business and create meaning to the industry. Only use original photos of your team, office or product. This will give more authenticity to your website.

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Have the Right Font for your Website

Apart from visual elements and colours, you should also choose the correct font that will make the site stunning and increase user experience. The content should be readable because it’s the content and the font that make the audience interested in your site. The font styles should also be in the right place and work well together with the site.

Test The website you Designed

Once you have created that stunning website, it is recommended you test it. Keep in mind your site will have to undergo numerous tests to see the way it impacts the audience and will also give you room for improvements. For good results, you can focus on testing one element or part of the site at a time. This will give you a good view of how each one of them impacts the audience.


The stunning and beautiful website attracts valuable traffic. This intern creates valuable interaction on a business level on your site. Always be ready to invest in your website design to increase audience interaction.…

Great Websites to Learn New Tech Skills During the COVID-19 pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has hit every corner of the world, and we are not sure how long it will last. It’s a time when you have to sit back and self-reflect especially when you are in tech jobs such as web design. You can use this time to learn new skills and improve on your current skills. This article is focused on people who work in the web industry. Here are great websites to help you learn new tech skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Pluralsight

One of the leading multimedia-focused and technology online learning websites is Pluralsight. It entails high-quality courses since they are all vetted and edited for production quality. There are a dozen if individual learning courses for every tool and software language that you can think of.

What makes this website interesting is the skill tests and learning paths that are incorporated to help you track your development. It equally has a user-friendly interface and navigating through the different courses offered will be a more web designing tricks at

Great Websites to Learn New Tech Skills During the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Tech-focused
  • A large variety of tools and languages
  • High production quality


  • Some of the learning paths have repeated content
  • Some courses need to be updated

2. Katacoda

Katacoda is an interactive, tool-based learning website that is free. What I found unique about this website was the built-in shells that let you read through prompts while you run commands side-by-side on a real terminal.

You get to see real-time progress of the work you are doing which is just great. Tracking your learning progress with this website is simple and fast.


  • Free
  • Side-by-side learning due to the integrated built-in terminal
  • There is a huge variety of tools


  • Not recommended for cohesive learning
  • No framework or language libraries


When you are a seasoned web developer, is a great place to learn new tools and frameworks while improving your knowledge. There are a ton of courses offered including Angular, React.js, Laravel, and Vue.js.

It’s one of those websites that was developed for people with great interest in web development. You get several learning materials on specific topics which ensures that you get better fast.


  • Courses are detailed and the resources are numerous
  • A large variety of courses offered thanks to the numerous instructors and contributors.
  • Free


  • Front end specific
  • Some of the content may be questionable depending on the instructor.


One of the most popular online platforms with a variety of web design courses is Udemy. Here you find almost everything that you are looking for. With Udemy you get to buy almost all the courses you need for just about $15 which is a huge bargain.

The downside of Udemy is that there seems to be no one vetting the content that makes it to the website. Several questionable contents make it to this website and you need to be careful.

In addition to Udemy there are many SEO agency, whom offer learning opportunities for new comers, by giving them a chance to work with them practically, they have professional staff from whom you can learn practical knowledge.


  • Huge variety of content
  • Cheap


    • Some questionable content makes its way to the site

5. eDX

When you want an online website that contains courses from top universities, your first choice needs to be eDX. The courses are aimed at programming concepts, general computer science, and introductory work.

However, when you want to learn a new programming language this is one of the best sites to start with. There are introductory courses to almost all the languages including Python.


  • Long and in-depth courses
  • High-quality content
  • Completely free


    • Some courses offered are extremely difficult

6. Coursera

An online platform similar to eDX, is Coursera mainly because it has courses from various universities and companies. The advantage of this website is that you can pursue an entire certification or degree program.

You can equally pursue individual courses that you think cover what you need. The Coursera website, therefore, gives you a lot of flexibility in the way you want to learn.


  • Long and in-depth courses
  • High-quality content
  • Free


    • Covers comprehensive topics only


Right now you at=re only encouraged to go out only when necessary. You, therefore have a lot of time on your hands to learn and improve on your skills. Don’t let your web development skills remain stuck while you have the time to greatly improve several …