Stunning Website Ideas That Improves user experience

The world is transformed into a Social Media Marketing, this has made the customer access anything they want online. The website design is the first impression of your business to the audience and should be attractive. Below are some of the tips you can add to your website to improve the user experience.

Have all necessary Elements of Value to Your Website

Many people will want to add many elements to their website to make them visually appealing. By doing so they end up having their website cluttered and overwhelming. Some elements may leave your audience confused, this means that every element on your site should be oriented and have a meaningful purpose. Always create functional elements this will in turn enhance user experience on your site. learn more about web user experience at

Design for the Audience

One of the things you can focus on while designing your website is the user. Design a site that will give your audience a great experience. This can be achieved by focusing on elements like design format, navigation and visual elements, by doing this you will have created a good user experience and making them engaged on your site longer.

Align colours That Match Your Brand

Stunning websites have colours that match the nature of business and it’s brand. Colours will always have a great effect on your brand and should also do the same to your audience. These colours have different meanings. Work with colours that will impact your business and use them in all your here to learn more about web designing tricks by clicking here

You can decide to use two or three colours for your beautiful website. Incorporate them, you can have the main colour, accent colours can be two then a final colour to be used for the font.

Stunning Website Ideas That Improves user experience

Have Visual Elements for your Website

A website that catches the attention of its audience must have beautiful visual elements that add balance and break up the text. Visual integration should always add meaning to your business, use photos, videos and also infographic. Make sure you don’t place photos for the sake of just adding photos, they should incorporate your business and create meaning to the industry. Only use original photos of your team, office or product. This will give more authenticity to your website.

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Have the Right Font for your Website

Apart from visual elements and colours, you should also choose the correct font that will make the site stunning and increase user experience. The content should be readable because it’s the content and the font that make the audience interested in your site. The font styles should also be in the right place and work well together with the site.

Test The website you Designed

Once you have created that stunning website, it is recommended you test it. Keep in mind your site will have to undergo numerous tests to see the way it impacts the audience and will also give you room for improvements. For good results, you can focus on testing one element or part of the site at a time. This will give you a good view of how each one of them impacts the audience.


The stunning and beautiful website attracts valuable traffic. This intern creates valuable interaction on a business level on your site. Always be ready to invest in your website design to increase audience interaction.…

The Best Alternatives to Photoshop

Photoshop is a great program used in web design to design web pages. It has a lot of features, and it easy to be used by beginners who are web designers. Nevertheless, Photoshop is an expensive tool, and most designers cannot afford it in this taut economy, therefore leading to the need for alternative free design tools. The alternative means below work as better as photoshop or even better than photoshop.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the oldest known image editing tool; therefore, the best alternative for Photoshop. Being open-source, it is used for free in web design to retouch photos, do image composition and image authoring.  GIMP operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has many features and capabilities which include; richness in plugins and user-created scripts, animations, endorse various file formats, and a full suite of tools such as painting tools, colour correction, cloning, selection, and enhancement. Compared to Photoshop, GIMP has a limited application and usability for some web design tasks. learn more about GIMP at

Pixlr Editor

It is a photo editing software which can be used offline. The app has many effects, borders and overlays that are more than 600. Pixlr Editor is a brilliant alternative of Photoshop as it has a lot of features to tender and simple to use. The application can be used in a desktop, a mobile phone and online platform. It is an online editor that supports layers. It can edit multiple images at once as well as artistic filters and automatic optimization options. The features and capabilities of the Pixlr Editor include; advanced functions, editing of photos using Pixlr Express, editing on a web browser and its availability on iOS and Android. Compared to Photoshop and GIMP, Pixrl has a limited application and usability for some web design here to learn more about Pixlr

The Best Alternatives to Photoshop

Website builders

Website builders are the way to go if you are looking for a full package solution for image editing, graphics creation, and website design needs. It has the same advantages as Photoshop together with web design and development tools that can be used during the design creation process to deployment; all included in this program. Unlike Photoshop, Website builders are used to designing and deploying websites. Web builders are the best alternative as it gives a specific design feature.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is harmonious with Photoshop; therefore, the best alternative for graphic design and photo editing needs. The application is free, therefore, affordable to many designers. The features and capabilities of Affinity Photo include; the processing management tools, RAW processing, lab colour, and end-to-end CMYK editing. It operates in Mac and Windows with fewer crashes; the best is quad-core technology. Contrast to Photoshop; Affinity Photo was created with modern architecture.


Photopea is a free browser-based photo editor that executes the volume of the workflow. It supports layers and layer mask, allowing the use of blend modes and stack of selection tools. Unlike Photoshop, Photopea does not have a content-aware. With the use of Photopea, one can subscribe to premium to avoid ads. It supports various file formats such as JPG, PNG and RAW, also sketch file, GIMP file and Photoshop PSD files.…

Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Whether brick and mortar or online, having a strong web presence will definitely go a long way in improving your turn over and growth. There are billions upon billions of webpages online. While your specific niche might have millions of other competing webpages, you still have a chance to stand out. Visual appeal, ease of use, seamless feedback and pronounced sales points are among the four areas you must focus on to bring out your competitive edge. In this article, we will elaborate on how to do just that;

1. Visual appeal

First off, this is primarily how users interact with your content. Whether first or subsequent, it’s crucial to make elevating impressions. Once a user likes what they see, the odds of converting is sufficiently increased.

Visual tricks: Custom graphics; Gone are the days of standard fonts, shapes and colors. Enter personalized graphics. This is the versatile option to incorporate your brand message into most design elements of your page. Now, your logo, overview, catalog, etc. can adopt any form of your desire. you can also buy professional web design online, learn more about it at

2. ease of use

Simple is the best way to go in this century. People really just want to know what you have to offer and not much else. Removing the hustle of finding content is going to help you achieve simplicity.

Ease of use tricks: Single page design; small businesses (which constitute the majority) can now summarize everything in one page. Conversion rates are significantly improved as clients are able to easily comprehend your message.

Parallax scrolling; this is essentially a prolonged single page if you may. Key aspects of your business are hieratically placed in a layout that can be scrolled all the way to the end of the page. This makes the entire webpage a dashboard. The smart content arrangement will endure users can easily resonate with your intent which in turn simplifies their buying decision-making process. click here to learn more about Parallax effects.

Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

3. seamless feedback

More often than not, customers would like an elaboration on the products on offer before proceeding to the actual buying process. Providing the right answers in a timely fashion will help accelerate the buying process. Traditionally, this would be offered by a sales agent in a physical store. Online, there are better, faster options.

Customer support tricks: Chatbots; these are inbuilt, preprogrammed responders to specific customer questions in your site. All you have to do is compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions with their corresponding answers and feed into the Chabot software. They can do some of the following tasks;

•    Initiate a conversation with a customer upon landing on your page
•    Forward customer feedback to human support
•    Compile and analyze customer response data
•    Automate the entire sales process

This is a very useful tool to stay within the limit of your customer’s patience and this goes a long way in improving conversion rates, building trust and increasing the odds of revisits.

4. pronounced sales points

Highlighting your intentions is a polite way of insisting on your products
Pronounced Sales points tricks.

Video landing page; welcoming visitors with a brief, to the point video will get your message home easily given the human brain processes video thousands of times faster than text.

Animated call to action; this basically adding motion to specific things you want users to do on your site. For example;

•    Social media following
•    Discounted purchases
•    Bundles and coupons


Ensure your customers can understand your easily accessible, visually appealing message in order to capture their attention and wallets!…

Web Design Procedure in Seven Easy Steps

Most of the time, web designers imagine a web design procedure with a focus on technical aspects like code, wireframes, and content management. However, an excellent design has nothing to do with how you integrate the slick visuals or the social media buttons. Outstanding design is all about crafting a website that conforms to the overarching strategy. Here are the seven primary stages toward coming up with a dazzling web design.

Identification of the Goal

Before you commence crafting a website, you must understand the end goal. It is crucial to discuss with the client, the key objectives of the site, and then coming up with a design that matches just that.

Definition of the Scope

Once the primary purpose of the website is clearly understood, it is imperative to define the scope of the entire project. For instance, a good designer should know the pages and features that the site will require to achieve the main goal. The next thing is to come up with a deadline for crafting those out.

Web Design Procedure in Seven Easy Steps

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

After clearly defining the overall scope of the project, it is ideal to commence digging into the site map. This is done by defining the manner in which the content and the key features illustrated in the scope definition are going to interrelate. By doing this, the website will achieve uniformity hence relevance to the primary purpose. learn more about project scope at

Content Creation

After attaining the bigger picture of the design in mind, it is safe to begin creating relevant contents to the pages available. It is vital to keep the search engine optimization so that you keep focus on the relevant topic at all times. Make sure that you have real content in place because you will need it to complete the next pages.

The Visual Elements

Now that you have the site architecture and contents ready, it is okay to start working on the visual brand. With regard to the client, this might be well defined already; however, you might still need to define the visual design from the ground up. Features like moodboard, style tiles, and element colleges can help you with this process of web design.


At this stage, you have all the pages and have defined how they display to the visitors. Now is the time to be sure that it all functions as you intended. You need to bring together the manual browsing of the web on numerous devices with automated web crawlers to identify all the things from the user experience issues to simple broken links. click here to learn more about Website testing.


Once you have tested and proved that everything is working perfectly, you can go ahead and launch your site. This encompasses planning both communication strategies and launch timing. You must know the day and time that you will launch the site, and how you will break the news to your intended audience.

The web design process might sound simple, but it needs a lot of focus on quality. The web designer must know how to play with the visual and contents to ensure that the end goal is met with ease.…

Essential Web Design Trends

If you are looking for a professional image, then updating your website is mandatory. It should happen at least twice a year. However, it is worthy to note that trends come and go-what is fancied today might not work out tomorrow. So, tweaking your website design by making little changes will benefit your business a great deal. Discussed below are the top web design trends to watch for in 2021.

1. Vibrant Color Pallets

Today, bright colors are everywhere. From bright image overlays to bright gradient backgrounds to animations that feature moving colors, vibrant color palette will still continue to gain popularity amongst designers. In 2019, Pantone is getting on the action by naming the living coral as the color of the year. However, the current color scan design indicates that bright blue might still be the most popular color choice.

2. Responsive Logos and High resolution images

An all-inclusive internet has progressed to mobile first search. Thus, every solitary facet of a brand’s online presence must be a mobile-friendly, and the requirement now includes the logos. Most big brands like Disney and Coca-Cola have already implemented mobile friendly and minimalist logos to their websites and apps; hence it is time for you too. While updating your logo, you should probably upgrade all your site imagery to high-resolution versions. Today, there is an increase in screen resolution across all desktops and laptops, you need to ensure that your site logo and imagery looks stunning across all platforms. learn more about the importance of logo design for the website at
Essential Web Design Trends

3. Asymmetric and Broken Grid Layout

Across the world, most designers have embraced asymmetric website layouts and broken grid layouts as opposed to the “boxy” designs. The designs that follow this distinctive approach captures the casual browsers attention almost immediately. Even more, if you are looking for a more edgy approach to your website, this could be your best option.

4. Floating Navigation Menus

Floating menus are gaining serious popularity. These designs provide easy navigation to the core pages. Besides, floating menus navigation have a number of benefits. Firstly, they work with almost every type of website. They give users more control over their browsing experience while keeping them engaged for a long time. Besides, studies indicate that reduced bounce rates from users on sites that have floating navigation menus. learn more website designs tricks by clicking here

5. 3-D Illustration

Brands like Pitch are throwing their weight behind the new old-fashioned form of 3D illustration. Today, designers are looking to add depth and realism to graphics designed to blur out the boundaries between the physical and digital world as opposed to the cut-out illustration.

How to Buy Professional Website Designs Online

Whether you are considering building a brand new website or want to redo your current website, you are faced with some important decisions. If you operate a business and you don’t have a website yet, you should consider building one. Why should you build a website? It can help you generate numerous clients throughout all aspects of customer acquisition cycle such as:

    • Retrieving your contact information to reach out to you either through the phone or email.
    • Wants to have some knowledge of the various business.

In short, the situations on how you can benefit from having built a website are endless. Though the old methods of listing business in the yellow pages are still effective, creating a professional website will be complementary to other methods of attracting new customers. Nowadays, you can create websites with much ease. Interestingly, you don’t need to know the more about website design at

1. Choose a website builder

Arguably, it is the most important step to consider when building a website. You choose the best website builder based on your needs. There are numerous website builders out there and they have bad and good sides. As for now, Wix and Weebly are the most popular on the market. Their drag and drop features make the web design feel like child play.

In that case, balance between flexible and easy to use features. Its flexibility is awesome since it gives you the freedom to build a website for all sorts of business. Also, you have access to some advanced tools that are quite simple to use.

2. Pick a domain name and hosting provider

The domain will be your name, business or anything similar. If you are marketing yourself, you will want to use both names. To most websites, the goal when choosing a domain name is usually getting the top level domain.

How to Buy Professional Website Designs Online

After you have decided on the domain name, selecting dependable hosting services will be very relevant. Usually, the performance of your website will depend on the hosting provider you choose. The role of the host is to make sure that your site is always available. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong web host, you will have a problem with your website. In that case, Bluehost is the best. click here to read more info about bluehost.

3. Choose a Website Template design

Website templates are the main attributes of a website. The main function of the website template is to produce web pages faster. The programming language of the website template remains predefined. Whatever website you choose, you will have a wide selection of design templates to choose from. If you chose a renowned builder, you will have access to hundreds of templates. Just choose and browse templates to see if they fit.

4. Design your site and make it look great

The design of your website is essential. It makes visitors reach a decision about whether to stay on your website or not. Key things to keep on mind about website design include:

    • Use a clean design
    • Fit your site goals
    • Make sure it is mobile optimized
    • Make it easy for visitors to navigate.

5. Write and prepare your content

You can attest that it is the content that will be presented on your site. Create useful and clear content so that your visitors can understand your message.

6. Testing before and after launch

With all the excitement of designing a website, people ignore this step. It is essential you test before you make it live. Here are some of the points you need to check just before you launch:

    • Network administrator areas
    • Search engine optimization details
    • Web development items.