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All pages are hand-crafted, custom-designed products using no pre-made templates, Web graphics, or clip art (other than the client’s.)
There are many variables to consider when trying to pre-determine the cost of developing a Web site: the size of the site, the number and complexity of graphics and photographs, and the bells and whistles desired by the client.

I believe in charging fair market value based on time, quality, and service. However, you may be assured that I will be able to underbid most competitors. Keeping all this in mind, here are some “ballpark” figures:

This just scratches the surface. If you have other needs, please ask me about them.

Service-> Brochure


A simple one or two page site, contains only critical information about you: address, hours of operation, phone, fax, email and a brief description of what you do. Includes graphic logo modification for the web and publishing to your host

Price : $1,000

Service->Basic Site


Usually about 5 linked pages. Includes about 5 photographs or graphics and publishing to your host.

Price: $1,600-$2,000