Request for Proposals

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Child Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Request for Proposals for Procurement of Web Design, Development and Hosting Services

Date of Issuance: June 22, 2015


Child Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (CRRC) is a newly created division in the ministry of Children and Youth Services that seeks to address the increasing incidents of crimes against children and crimes perpetrated by children. Under the funding of the state government, the division seeks to initiate programs that address child crimes and establish effective rehabilitation and corrective mechanisms. Besides facilitation of prompt reporting of child crimes, the center will be committed to the initiation of education programs regarding child crimes – For the purpose of this document, “child crimes” will refer to crimes perpetrated by children and against children. The center also targets to offer aid to rescued children and facilitate their continuation of normal life. The organizational mission is to facilitate the realization of a state free from child crimes.


To execute its mandate efficiently, CRRC seeks to establish an independent website. This RFP serves to invite prospective offerors to submit proposals for completion of the work. The website shall include but shall not be limited to a well-developed reporting page, a resource center, an interactive communication page, financial information page, and ad hoc web-portals. The project will also involve continuous development and hosting of the website for a period agrred upon by the successful entity upon completion of website development phase. Prospective offerors are advised to download detailed requirement specification documents from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Website for their evaluation.

Schedule of Events

Time Date Scheduled Event
0900hours June 23, 2015 Opening date for submission of proposals
1500hours July 29, 2015 Closing date for submission of proposals
1500hours August 15, 2015 Deadline for notification of offerors on status of the proposals
0800hours August 23, 2015 Presentation by the final three prospective offerors.
1500hours September 1, 2015 Notification of award

RFP Provisions

  • This is an open competitive process. Any form of conversing for favor will lead to automatic disqualification from the process.
  • CRRC will not compensate for costs incurred in preparation of proposals.
  • The proposals must be delivered via email, clearly quoting “CRRC Project H002/2015” as the subject, addressed to the CRRC Division Manager. Email: [email protected] on or before 1500hours July 29, 2015.
  • Proposals submitted after 1500hours July 29, 2015 will be discarded immediately.

All responses to the RFP must include:

  • Detailed technical specifications to meet the needs of CRRC as provided in the requirement specification document.
  • Evidence of similar work performed by the offeror.
  • Sub-contractors such, as for web hosting services, and their company details and contacts
  • Detailed document of the budget and a price list that is all-inclusive.
  • A detailed company profile including a list of technical staff and qualified professionals.

Evaluation Criteria and Method of Award

Evaluation of proposals will be based on demonstrated technical competence, compliance, financial strength, and demonstrated project management capability. The offeror with the least cost proposal will not necessarily be awarded the offer. Cost proposals will be evaluated for their completeness, and cost realism. The successful offeror will be expected to commence the work by September 15, 2015 and will be expected to complete the website development and initial web-hosting phase within 90 days.

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