The Best Alternatives to Photoshop

Photoshop is a great program used in web design to design web pages. It has a lot of features, and it easy to be used by beginners who are web designers. Nevertheless, Photoshop is an expensive tool, and most designers cannot afford it in this taut economy, therefore leading to the need for alternative free design tools. The alternative means below work as better as photoshop or even better than photoshop.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the oldest known image editing tool; therefore, the best alternative for Photoshop. Being open-source, it is used for free in web design to retouch photos, do image composition and image authoring.  GIMP operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has many features and capabilities which include; richness in plugins and user-created scripts, animations, endorse various file formats, and a full suite of tools such as painting tools, colour correction, cloning, selection, and enhancement. Compared to Photoshop, GIMP has a limited application and usability for some web design tasks. learn more about GIMP at

Pixlr Editor

It is a photo editing software which can be used offline. The app has many effects, borders and overlays that are more than 600. Pixlr Editor is a brilliant alternative of Photoshop as it has a lot of features to tender and simple to use. The application can be used in a desktop, a mobile phone and online platform. It is an online editor that supports layers. It can edit multiple images at once as well as artistic filters and automatic optimization options. The features and capabilities of the Pixlr Editor include; advanced functions, editing of photos using Pixlr Express, editing on a web browser and its availability on iOS and Android. Compared to Photoshop and GIMP, Pixrl has a limited application and usability for some web design here to learn more about Pixlr

The Best Alternatives to Photoshop

Website builders

Website builders are the way to go if you are looking for a full package solution for image editing, graphics creation, and website design needs. It has the same advantages as Photoshop together with web design and development tools that can be used during the design creation process to deployment; all included in this program. Unlike Photoshop, Website builders are used to designing and deploying websites. Web builders are the best alternative as it gives a specific design feature.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is harmonious with Photoshop; therefore, the best alternative for graphic design and photo editing needs. The application is free, therefore, affordable to many designers. The features and capabilities of Affinity Photo include; the processing management tools, RAW processing, lab colour, and end-to-end CMYK editing. It operates in Mac and Windows with fewer crashes; the best is quad-core technology. Contrast to Photoshop; Affinity Photo was created with modern architecture.


Photopea is a free browser-based photo editor that executes the volume of the workflow. It supports layers and layer mask, allowing the use of blend modes and stack of selection tools. Unlike Photoshop, Photopea does not have a content-aware. With the use of Photopea, one can subscribe to premium to avoid ads. It supports various file formats such as JPG, PNG and RAW, also sketch file, GIMP file and Photoshop PSD files.…