Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially
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Whether brick and mortar or online, having a strong web presence will definitely go a long way in improving your turn over and growth. There are billions upon billions of webpages online. While your specific niche might have millions of other competing webpages, you still have a chance to stand out. Visual appeal, ease of use, seamless feedback and pronounced sales points are among the four areas you must focus on to bring out your competitive edge. In this article, we will elaborate on how to do just that;

1. Visual appeal

First off, this is primarily how users interact with your content. Whether first or subsequent, it’s crucial to make elevating impressions. Once a user likes what they see, the odds of converting is sufficiently increased.

Visual tricks: Custom graphics; Gone are the days of standard fonts, shapes and colors. Enter personalized graphics. This is the versatile option to incorporate your brand message into most design elements of your page. Now, your logo, overview, catalog, etc. can adopt any form of your desire. you can also buy professional web design online, learn more about it at http://www.kudzufandango.com/how-to-buy-professional-website-designs-online/

2. ease of use

Simple is the best way to go in this century. People really just want to know what you have to offer and not much else. Removing the hustle of finding content is going to help you achieve simplicity.

Ease of use tricks: Single page design; small businesses (which constitute the majority) can now summarize everything in one page. Conversion rates are significantly improved as clients are able to easily comprehend your message.

Parallax scrolling; this is essentially a prolonged single page if you may. Key aspects of your business are hieratically placed in a layout that can be scrolled all the way to the end of the page. This makes the entire webpage a dashboard. The smart content arrangement will endure users can easily resonate with your intent which in turn simplifies their buying decision-making process. click here to learn more about Parallax effects.

Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

3. seamless feedback

More often than not, customers would like an elaboration on the products on offer before proceeding to the actual buying process. Providing the right answers in a timely fashion will help accelerate the buying process. Traditionally, this would be offered by a sales agent in a physical store. Online, there are better, faster options.

Customer support tricks: Chatbots; these are inbuilt, preprogrammed responders to specific customer questions in your site. All you have to do is compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions with their corresponding answers and feed into the Chabot software. They can do some of the following tasks;

•    Initiate a conversation with a customer upon landing on your page
•    Forward customer feedback to human support
•    Compile and analyze customer response data
•    Automate the entire sales process

This is a very useful tool to stay within the limit of your customer’s patience and this goes a long way in improving conversion rates, building trust and increasing the odds of revisits.

4. pronounced sales points

Highlighting your intentions is a polite way of insisting on your products
Pronounced Sales points tricks.

Video landing page; welcoming visitors with a brief, to the point video will get your message home easily given the human brain processes video thousands of times faster than text.

Animated call to action; this basically adding motion to specific things you want users to do on your site. For example;

•    Social media following
•    Discounted purchases
•    Bundles and coupons


Ensure your customers can understand your easily accessible, visually appealing message in order to capture their attention and wallets!

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