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The Web was originally created as a device for sharing information easily among a wide group of users. In that spirit, here are some links to sites I recommend for learning more about how to use this remarkable tool and how to design for publishing on the Web.

Tech TV is a TV network and Web site with an enormous amount of information on every computer and Web related topic imaginable. It is user-friendly, with clear language for all experience levels.

Working the Web has excellent articles on such topics as “Website Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”.
has good information for both the new and the experienced user. From surfing to design, they cover the spectrum.

Web Pages that Suck is the outrageous title of a book and Web site by two leading experts in the field of Web design.

Lynda Weinman writes great books about all aspects of design for the Web.

Macromedia created the ultimate tools for Web designers: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and more. I use them.

Web Marketing Info Center is one of the best resources on the Internet that deals with marketing.